About JAC

JAC Alghanim is the exclusive distributor of JAC products in Kuwait.

Genuine Parts

Whenever you drive your vehicle, its components are utilized. Therefore, not only is it important to ensure that the professionals working on your vehicle are qualified and well-trained, but also it is equally important that the replacement parts used in repairs are specifically designed, engineered, and recommended for your vehicle.

By using JAC Motors' recommended replacement parts, you can be certain of their quality, proper fit, and function. Additionally, not only do these parts carry a warranty from JAC Motors, but they are also supported by JAC's network of dealers.

Why Insist on JAC Original Parts

We produce our replacement parts to the same exceptional standards as our vehicles, utilizing our extensive 50+ years of experience in the automotive industry to ensure that your JAC remains 100% authentic.

By using parts that are designed to fit seamlessly and specifically for your vehicle, you can improve its performance and durability, thereby reducing the frequency of part replacements and ultimately cost savings in the long run.

Why Insist on JAC Original Parts


At JAC, we make it our mission to ensure that you, your passengers, and pedestrians are protected while using our vehicles. Therefore, we meticulously design, manufacture, and test JAC original parts to meet and even surpass the mandatory safety and emissions standards, providing you with the confidence that your JAC is equipped with the most reliable and safe parts.


Every part of your JAC vehicle is engineered to function in unison for optimal performance, complete comfort, and maximum fuel efficiency. The same principle applies to JAC original parts, which are produced to the same rigorous specifications as our factory-installed parts, ensuring that they operate seamlessly with the other components of your JAC vehicle, providing the same exceptional performance, comfort, and fuel economy.


JAC original parts boast exceptional design and manufacturing quality, guaranteeing an ideal fit and finish that is on par with production parts. Their unparalleled quality translates to outstanding reliability and performance, providing you with complete assurance in their performance.


Insisting on JAC original parts and keeping your JAC 100 percent JAC can preserve its resale value in the future.


With the JAC Motors Warranty, you can have confidence in the quality of service, repairs, and bodywork for your vehicle. All work is done to the highest standards, ensuring your peace of mind. Furthermore, the transferable nature of the warranty means that it can be an added advantage for potential buyers if you decide to sell your JAC.