About JAC

JAC Alghanim is the exclusive distributor of JAC products in Kuwait.

Genuine Service

Choose quality care for your vehicle with JAC Alghanim. Our expert technicians use genuine JAC Motors parts for precise fit and performance. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our dealership has everything your vehicle needs to stay in top condition. Trust us to take care of your vehicle from purchase to resale.

Service Excellence

Our Service Advisors perform a comprehensive Multi-Point Inspection to accurately assess the condition of your vehicle and determine the recommended services necessary to keep it running at its best. This inspection evaluates all critical components, including fluid levels, tire wear, battery life, brakes, shocks, and more. By conducting this service, we aim to help you understand your vehicle's needs and maintain its optimal performance.

Rest assured that our commitment to you doesn't end after you drive off our lot. We'll continue to support you throughout your ownership experience with us.

After the evaluation, you will receive a clear and simple assessment using a color-coded system:

Green: No immediate concerns identified

Yellow: Minor issues identified that may require attention soon

Red: Significant issues identified that require immediate attention

Maintenance Service at Your Dealership

Ensure the Value of Your Investment with Authentic JAC Scheduled Maintenance Service at Your Dealership

Refer to your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance guide for information on recommended maintenance, including when and how often to perform it based on mileage and time intervals.

Scheduled maintenance as recommended can:

  • Ensure safe and optimal vehicle operation
  • Extend vehicle lifespan
  • Prevent unexpected malfunctions
  • Maximize fuel efficiency
  • Increase vehicle value during trade-in or resale.

If you observe any of these signs, it is recommended that you arrange a service appointment with us right away:

  • The "Service Engine Soon" light fails to turn off even after starting the engine.
  • Engine fluids are leaking.
  • Any engine component is visibly damaged.
  • Loud noises are emanating from the engine.
  • Smoke is coming from under the hood.